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Food & Drink / 011 506 2640 0232 / Santa Teresa, Costa Rica NECTAR BEACHSIDE ELEGANCE IN COSTA RICA by Sarah Cefalia Whether you enjoy taking long walks on soft, white sand beaches, swimming in an infinity pool or watching picturesque sunsets, Florblanca Resort provides such “once in a lifetime” experiences. Offering a perfect balance between beachside sophistication and simplicity, Florblanca is nestled in the quaint coastal town of Santa Teresa. This Costa Rican hot spot is one of the finest hotels in the country and home to a hidden treasure, their wonderful restaurant “Nectar.” This open air restaurant hugs the beach and is the meeting point of jungle and sea. Laid back yet refined, the restaurant matches the chic design and style of the hotel. Panoramic ocean views, candle lit tables and chairs made of sea grass create an intimate atmosphere with a distinctive Costa Rican flair. As you enjoy the peaceful surroundings, peek out of the tropical vegetation and admire the beauty of the Santa Teresa shoreline. With the sound of waves crashing, there is no better place to relax, unwind and enjoy a great meal. The kitchen serves up New American cuisine with Latin and Asian influences. Built around seasonal ingredients, the menu emphasizes organic local produce, fresh seafood and traditional favorites. Chef Spencer Graves applies his complex culinary skills to a variety of local flavors, resulting in a meal that provides each guest a true taste of Costa Rica. The young and talented chef Graves joyously explains: “Cooking is my passion! I love creating tasting menus for my guests. Food should hit all of your senses. Food is the essence to bringing back memories and creating new ones.” Imagine layers of fresh avocado, ahi, and seaweed salad drizzled with a sweet teriyaki glaze served with a crunchy taro root chip. Perfection. Sautéed scallops presented in a carefully hollowed out egg shell are accompanied with a sweet Costa Rican corn cake. Served as the main course, the Omaha filet mignon in a tarragon dijon emulsion is tender, juicy and full of flavor. Warm chocolate chip cookies topped with homemade vanilla bean ice cream are the perfect ending to your dining experience. Chef Spencer’s ability to employ fresh local ingredients in imaginative and tasty ways is a true art. Creativity and thoughtful presentation convey the passion and love that goes into every plate. Nectar’s beachside elegance and superb service create an unforgettable tropical dining experience. Florblanca Resort is the ultimate place for feasting, celebrating or simply enjoying a cocktail after a glorious day at the beach. Experience it for yourself, and discover the “pure life,” what Costa Ricans call “Pura Vida.” L A perfect balance between beachside sophistication and simplicity. Begin your blissful dining experience with Nectar's signature mojito. Mint, sugar and lime are muddled to perfection then mixed with premium rum and club soda. Your mouth will be bursting with flavor and excitement. For appetizers, the Asian style tuna tartar melts on your tongue. 116 BHLMAG.COM previous page next page