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ONE OF THE MOST IMPRESSIVE FLY REELS I’VE FISHED LA103 NEW! FLY REELS As the name implies, Waterworks has created the Vanquish reel with just one thing in mind - total victory. And as they follow their “form follows function” credo like the zealots they are, it all starts with one of the world’s smoothest, and now much larger and more powerful drag system. Unlike even the best cork drags, the Waterworks conical design generates no stick-slip even at the line-snapping rates required by blue water anglers. To support this kind of torque, a new, much stiffer frame was created - one that transmits extreme loads with a simple, efficient and graceful structure. Other innovative NEW! features include: an integrated foot/frame which, while stronger than a traditional fastened-on foot, also raises the center of mass of the reel, reducing the impact of reel weight on the rod, thus improving casting ease and accuracy. Machined-from-solid, modular stainless stripping arm. Waterworks proprietary Type III “Hard Alox” finish, the hardest on the market. Large, ergonomic, self lubricating no-slip handle. Tandem roller clutch transmits higher torque and provides redundancy. Fully sealed, zero maintenance drag components produce 15-18lbs Seriously, one of torque. Detachable Line Guard can be replaced if damaged. of the most V-shaped arbor helps guide the line onto spool without stacking. Lifetime warranty, made in USA. impressive fly WATERWORKS VANQUISH MODEL DIA WT./OZ. LINE WTS CAPACITY REEL X-SPOOL VANQUISH 4.5 LT VANQUISH 5.6 LT VANQUISH 7.8 LT VANQUISH 8 LT VANQUISH 10 LT VANQUISH 10 VANQUISH 12 LT VANQUISH 12 3.3” 3.5 4-5 WF4F & 100-YDS 20# Backing $549 $249 3.5” 3.8 5-6 WF6F & 100-YDS 20# Backing $599 $269 3.8” 5.1 7-8 WF7F & 150-YDS 20# Backing $699 $299 4.1” 7.2 7-9 WF8F & 220-YDS 20# Backing $799 $359 4.5” 8.2 10 WF10F & 220-YDS 30# Backing $849 $379 4.5” 8.7 10 WF10F & 220-YDS 30# Backing $849 $379 4.7” 10 11-12 WF12F & 325-YDS 30# Backing $899 $399 4.7” 10.7 11-12 WF12F & 325-YDS 30# Backing $899 $399 * “LT” suffix denotes lighter, open-spoke spool design. Standard version is closed spool design. HG075 ULTRA-SLIM MAGNETIC FLY AND HOOK BOXES Magnetic bottom with foam dividers, ideal for carrying midges, nymphs and wet flies. Perfect boxes for fly tyers…hook storage & organization both home and on the road. 7 3/8”L x 3 7/8”W x 1/2”D. Specify Model: (A)6-Compartment, (B)12-Compartment, (C)18-Compartment. $14.95 NEW iPHONE APP: F LY B E N C H from NEW! Fly Fisherman, one of the leading magazines of fly fishing, and is based on the Fly Fisherman Foundation 40 Flies. Learn to tie flies with step by step photo instructions and videos. Zoom and pan high resolution fly photos. Fly tying videos by master fly tier Charlie Craven are extremely clear and detailed. Simple yet detailed instructions get you tying your favorite patterns like the pros. Each fly comes with its own recipe and a notes section so that you can record your own modifications, preferences or experiences. New flies will be added on a regular basis to expand your collection. Add this exciting tool to your bench today! reels I’ve ever held in my hand. The structure is striking, right down to the smallest detail, like the oversize no-slip handle and detachable line guard. Plus the drag range is phenomenal. ...Bob Story HG076 NIPPERS by William Joseph. Super sharp stainless-steel nippers with a unique NEW! ergonomic design and soft molded surface making ‘em really easy to grab and to cut with. Built-in hookeye cleaner. NICE! $12.95 10-Slits 168-Slits Flies not included. Nippers by William Joseph Learn more and get the app: HP696 STAINLESS STEEL POCKET FLASK by William Joseph. It’s funny how many friends you make when you carry one of these. Great finish, beautiful shape and perfect capacity (6-oz)... at least until you hit camp. $18.95 ORDER ONLINE 24/7 LIGHT HAT” High quality cotton cap with three LED lights built into the brim, with the black-and-silver WaterworksLamson logo up front. This hat has forward-oriented LED lights, and also downward-facing flood lights under the brim to illuminate the work space in front of your torso for tying on flies, etc. A button under the brim operates the lights. One click turns on all three lights; second click illuminates flood lights only; third click lights headlight only; fourth click is off. Adjustable Velcro strap, one-size fits most. COLORS: (1)Putty, (2)Realtree Camo $29.95 PB011 WATERWORKS “DOME Slit Foam Fly Boxes HG074 ULTRA-SLIM SLIT FOAM FLY NEW! BOXES Love these things... Bob These lightweight, high capacity boxes are real space savers, and the clear view lets you see your entire fly inventory before you 6-Compartment even open the lid! If you’re fishing from a chest/waist pack, you can actually double your fly carrying capacity without any added weight. 7 3/8”L x 3 7/8”W x 1/2”D. Specify Model: (A)10Slits - Slit lengthwise to hold small to larger size flies, (B)168-Slits - 168 slits fly stations hold micro to medium size flies. $14.95 12-Compartment 18-Compartment NEW! A L L N E W F E A T H E R - C R A F T. C O M Magnetic Fly & Hook Boxes 3 previous page next page