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GENLUX [ G E N E R A T I O N + L U X U R Y magazine ] THe CanDY iSSue! SummeR faSHiOn! 72 76 On our cover: Molly Sims in Valentino. Photography for Genlux by Alberto Tolot. , 62 44 34 44 50 56 62 72 76 CanDY iSLanD Photographer andrew matusik takes a page from Willy Wonka. WHiTe CHOCOLaTe Claudia Bassols pays a visit to a Beverly Hills chocolatier. BOn-BOn VOYage We travel to Hawaii to sail in summer’s candy-color fashion. CanDY giRLS Our Hansel and gretel in fashion good enough to eat. La DOLCe ViTa Kim Kardashian steps out on Rodeo Drive in luxury looks. SugaR-COaT iT makeup artist Joanna Schlip finds candy is a great medium. mOLLY POPS! molly Sims jumps off our pages in summer’s bright looks. 48 52 64 76 34 12 GENLUX SummeR / 2009 56 previous page next page